CADDigger Model 808
CADDigger Model 808
CADDigger Model 808

CADDigger Model 808

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MODEL 808 (Model 808 plans include complete Model 821 plans)

The introduction of CADDigger Model 821 gave many customers the 9 feet of digging depth and 5400 pounds of ripping power requested for years. Then the requests came in for a 3PT hitch version. CADplans now offers the Model 821 as a 3PT hitch version known as Model 808. Model 808 quickly connects to the 3PT hitch of larger tractors so you can be productive with little setup time. It is usually powered by your tractor hydraulics so there is no engine to service. The frame of Model 808 is shorter so your machine will store in a smaller area.

Other specifications, such as machine width, loading height, reach, ripping power, swing, and bucket size are identical to Model 821. To make it easier for you to decide which machine to build, Model 808 plans are supplied with the COMPLETE CADDigger Model 821 plans. This way you can build either Model 821 or Model 808 or both! Model 808 plans are only $20 more than Model 821 plans.

Model 808 is recommended for tractors that weigh over 3000 pounds, and can handle 1000 pounds on the 3PT hitch arms.

All CADDigger orders include the following:
  • Spiral bound plans, including written instructions, raw material requirements, purchased equipment specifications (generic and part numbers) and photos
  • Instructional DVD
  • Itemized lists to assist in the steel and hydraulics sourcing

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