CADTrac 1500
CADTrac 1500
CADTrac 1500
CADTrac 1500
CADTrac 1500

CADTrac 1500

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After numerous requests CADplans has developed CADTrac, the articulated, 4 wheel drive, multipurpose tractor you can build using a welder, bandsaw, drill press, torch, common hand tools and commonly available parts. The all-hydraulic drive of CADTrac eliminates the belts, chains, transmissions, gears and sprockets associated with other machines of this type.

CADTrac is intended for use by the homeowner, farmer, landscaper, plumber or electrician. Articulated steering means the machine steers by bending in the middle like the large rubber tire loaders typically seen in gravel pits and other truck loading applications. CADplans selected this concept for steering to minimize the damage to the grass or other surfaces the machine must go over to get to the worksite. Skidsteer and track type machines do much damage to the grass as they turn. CADTrac's series-parallel connection of the hydraulic motors causes the motors to act as the differential axle normally used in a tractor. In addition, the hydraulic wheel drive is designed to act as a limited slip.

CADTrac uses common tractor hitch parts that are available at most farm supply stores to form an articulated joint that allows CADTrac to steer right and left as well as allowing the traction tires to follow uneven terrain. This joint allows one tire to be as much as 10 inches out of level with the other tires while keeping traction to all four tires.

The unique keel type frame of CADTrac is made of 3x3 square tube. The use of this material allows the frame of CADTrac to act like a receiver hitch similar to the receiver hitch on a pickup truck. CADTrac has this receiver on both the front and rear. This allows for quick installation of attachments. Simply pull a pin and the CADTrac drives away from the attachment. No tools, wrenches, or jacks required. Using a simple adapter tube, the receiver can be used with any receiver attachments now used on pickup trucks. Add a ball hitch to the front or rear for moving trailers. Add a carrier to move firewood or other cargo. Add a pintle hook for quick attachment of a chain for pulling. Mount a winch to the receiver for serious pulling. Add a hitch mount to pull your utility yard trailer. In addition, CADTrac has up to 1000 pounds of drawbar pull to give you the power you need to use these and other attachments.

CADTrac also has hydraulics. Hydraulics to power a backhoe. Hydraulics to power the loader. Hydraulics to power a woodsplitter or other attachments. CADTrac has the hydraulic flow and pressure to make these attachments work quickly and respond to operation of the conveniently located controls. CADplans supplies the hydraulic schematics so you can quickly connect the hydraulics with no knowledge of hydraulics. Simply follow the drawings and CADTrac is up and running FAST! Your plans will also specify all of the motors, valves, pumps and engines so your CADTrac will function properly without you having to "research" these components. 

CADTrac's unique series parallel hydraulic drive insures you put the power to the ground. If the front axle slips the power is transferred to the rear axle, if the rear axle slips the power goes to the front axle. The center-pivoting frame insures the wheels stay on the ground for maximum traction. The wide profile, large bar tires designed into CADTrac give excellent traction in everything from sand to mud yet minimizes turf damage when on delicate lawns.

CADTrac can even be more versatile with the use of other attachments like CADDigger, CADSplitter or CADPull. CADTrac's hydraulics powering CADSplitter allows you to make quick work of your firewood needs. CADPull lets you connect CAD I attachments such as a scraper blade or rake and quickly complete the tasks you need to do. The lift arms of CADPull can even be powered by CADTrac's hydraulics giving you attachment control right from the operator's seat.

One of the best features of CADTrac is the low cost. CADTrac typically costs 1/4 or less of a comparably sized tractor. Since you build CADTrac you insure quality and should the need arise you will know how to service anything in the machine.

CADTrac has 9" of ground clearance to let you go over rough terrain and obstacles. Moreover, should you encounter something higher CADTrac's drive components are skid plate protected allowing you worry free operation on rough terrain.

For ease of construction, ruggedness and handling CADTrac is designed with thick section metals. This thick metal is easier to weld and gives the durability you need. Also the thicker metals gives you the machine weight necessary for traction, keeps the center of gravity low and insures no frame flexing occurs when you use CADTrac. 

The plans include details for the CADTrac with loader as show in the accompanying photos.


  • Hp - 18
  • Wheelbase - 48"
  • Width of tires (Outside) - 48"
  • Weight as shown - 1650 pounds
  • Wheel size - 15"
  • Tire size - 27" tall
  • Pump - 15 gpm 
  • Transmission - None
  • Wheel drive - Separate hydraulic motors
  • 4 wheel drive - full time
  • Width of bucket - 48"
  • Front and rear differential - Hydraulic
  • Ground speed - Variable up to 3.5 MPH
  • Bucket lift Capacity - 500 pounds 

CADTrac can be powered by a larger engine, but the machine power will not be increased.