CADDigger Model 821
CADDigger Model 821
CADDigger Model 821
CADDigger Model 821

CADDigger Model 821

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After many customers requested a machine capable of digging 9 feet, CADplans has developed the CADDigger Model 821. The machine is a completely new design, not just a scaled up version of a previous model. Model 821 uses heavier section materials throughout. Three-inch cylinders on the boom and boom extension deliver the power to dig at 9 feet. The 10 hp engine and 6-gallon per minute pump delivers the productivity you need from a larger machine. 

The bucket has been designed to offer higher ripping power and simple no form, assemble and weld construction. This assures you are productive quickly.

Model 821 is easily converted from trailer to digging mode with a quick, no-tools switch of the wheels from one end of the machine to the other. After conversion, Model 821 moves itself around the work site using the bucket for motivation. In a “crab-like motion”, Model 821 has plenty of power to locate itself for work. The low maintenance design of Model 821 ensures that your productivity is high at a low cost to you.

Digging Depth 9 feet Operating Pressure 2000 psi Ripping Power 5400 pounds
Loading Height 7 feet No. of Cylinders 5 Construction Time 100 to 150 hours*
Reach 11 feet Boom Rotation Two 2" Cylinders Drawings 29 pages
Standard Bucket Width 18 in. (other widths optional) Lateral Swing 130 degrees Instructions 14 pages
Minimum Bucket Width 6 in. Boom Cylinder 3" Technical DVD 30 minutes
Engine Recommended 11 hp Boom Extension Cylinder 3" Counterweight 400 pounds max
Pump 6 gallons per min. Bucket Cylinder 2-1/2" - -
NOTICE: as CADplans cannot control the skills of the builder, or the end use of the machine, CADplans makes no warranty stated or implied and the builder must assume all liability for safe construction, safety features and operation of the CADDigger. CADplans is not responsible for typographical errors. 
All CADDigger orders include the following:
  • Spiral bound plans, including written instructions, raw material requirements, purchased equipment specifications (generic and part numbers) and photos
  • Instructional DVD
  • Itemized lists to assist in the steel and hydraulics sourcing

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