CADDigger Model 841
CADDigger Model 841
CADDigger Model 841

CADDigger Model 841

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The CADDigger Model 841 was developed to offer the enhanced features requested by our customers. Model 841 offers the same digging depth, reach and ripping power as Model 821, but has three major modifications from the Model 821:
1) wheel driven power to move around the jobsite
2) hydraulic stabilizers
3) split hydraulics to offer true dual cylinder control

The wheel drive is controlled by 2 control levers so you can steer the machine into location for digging. Large drive tires are designed into the Model 841 to insure you have the traction to go over rough terrain. Heavy duty hydraulic motors supply the power so there are no belts, shafts, chains, or axles to deal with.

The hydraulic stabilizers are individually controlled for leveling the machine.This gives you the control to dig in most uneven terrain situations with the quick operation of a control lever. In fact the same joy stick levers that operates the hydraulic wheel motors operates the stabilizers. Simply stop the wheels and drop the stabilizers with a simple motion of the joystick, you don’t even have to reach for another control.

Split hydraulics is a unique feature for the CADDigger Model 841. Each of the two joystick control levers has its own hydraulic supply. This means you can curl the bucket and operate the boom or boom extension with full flow and full pressure at the same time, truely doubling the performance of the machine. Of course to do this a larger engine and pump is required. The Model 841 uses a 18 horsepower engine and 12 gallon per minute pump.Only very few commercial machines offer this split hydraulic system design. This truly is a performance enhancement if maximum performance is a requirement of your machine.

The CADDigger Model 841 can be moved from jobsite to jobsite as a trailer unit like the other CADDiggers. The Model 841 uses a trailering axle that is pinned into location after the unit has been hooked to the tow vehicle offering simple hookup.

The all hydraulic design of the Model 841 insures low maintenance like the other CADDiggers. Specs for the Model 841 are the same as the Model 821 except for wheel drive, hydraulic stabilizers, engine and pump size, and the split hydraulics.

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