CADBucket Model 404

CADBucket Model 404

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Eliminate the high cost of replacement buckets for your skid steer machine. Using the CADBucket plans you can quickly build the replacement or extra bucket you need. Now you can have a toothed bucket and a plain edge bucket for only a few hundred dollars rather than the high cost of ready made buckets. 

The 3/16 inch steel shell is heavier than many replacement buckets. All cutting edges are reinforced high carbon steel. The plans include two designs, one using a preformed shell, the other is made from all flat stock with no bends. The plans are for a 60" bucket, but you can easily vary the width to make the bucket the size you need. Details are for mounting on most late model skid steers. You can adapt the mount if you have an older design. If you get steel for $0.40 per pound this bucket can be built for as little as $80, saving $500 to $700 over purchased buckets.

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